Meal Times in Ethiopia

Times that they eat


There are no specific meal times in Ethiopia unless it is during Wednesday or Friday – when they fast during the day – or during the two months before Easter. On both of these fasting days they do not eat or drink before three pm. When they do eat they do not consume many animal products. They do this because of the heavily religious area that
Ethiopia is in.

Primary Flavor Principles for Ethiopian Cuisine

A small taste of what they can offer

Ethiopian dishes are layered with flavor. The dishes usually have a mild spice to them – the heat coming from one of their favorite spice blends (berbere) which has a soft heat. Berbere is made up of fenugreek, ajwain – something similar to thyme, and dried chili pepper as its main ingredients. They also tend to add lots of vegetables to their dishes. large_square_Berbere_-_Spicy_Ethiopian_Blend__close

Common Cooking Methods of Ethiopian Food

An insight to some Ethiopian cooking methods

There are many ways to cook food. Most Ethiopians cook the excess fat off of their meat. They are also very partial to spicy meat dishes and vegetable stews. Although they do like meat, you wont find much shellfish or pork in Ethiopia – due to the religions that reside there. They eat with a spongey bread called injera


Ethiopian Cuisine and Traditions

A beginning statement

A very important part of how food is prepared or what type of food is eaten is the geographic location. Ethiopia is a medium sized country in Africa. Its border countries are Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, and Somalia.


They have a few traditions. As they are a heavily religious country they have days of fasting. They also eat only with their right hand as they find the left hand to be unclean.